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Looking for a maths tutor in Perth? Or potentially seeking English tuition in Queensland? Quite simply, we select high achieving and experienced tutors, test and train these talented individuals, and ensure they are friendly, down to earth and prepared to offer the best after school session possible.

We are a premium Australian private tuition provider who utilise the talent of professional and quality tutors to cater for both struggling and excelling students. We strive to personalise and refine each session with grade 1 to 12 students, focussing on long term growth and confidence building. Through our goal of consistent development, we are dedicated to constantly answering the question, "What does quality look like?" To see what we can do for you, do not hesitate to get in touch.

What we've been doing recently

Building skills and confidence at home – helping your young child with homework and study

By Paige Champion | 07/07/2015 10:53am | comments

For many parents of children in primary school homework time is usually time of tantrums, tears and defiance. Unfortunately it doesn't matter where your beliefs fall on the merits of homework- they are an unavoidable aspect of education in Australia.

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Featured Tutor - Jack Pearson-Lemme

By AVT Team and Jack Pearson-Lemme | 01/06/2015 3:08pm | comments

Our Featured Tutor from Absolute Value Tuition Perth is Jack Pearson-Lemme. Jack has tutored many students for us to the absolute highest quality for well over a year now, and is dedicated to ensuring each tuition session fits the needs of the student.

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Featured Tutor - Paige Champion

By AVT Team and Paige Champion | 20/05/2015 12:36pm | comments

Our Featured Tutor of late is Paige Champion from our Perth team, who is completing incredible work with a number of students around the Perth area. Paige's feedback and lesson direction makes student progress accelerate above and beyond what would normally be expected of weekly tuition sessions.

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