That's me

Hwoo are we?

The first thing you need to know about Absolute Value Tuition is that we are real people. We don’t use net-based chat rooms, call centres or “1800” numbers; we use direct email addresses, mobile phones, and when it calls for it, our management team will come straight to you.

Secondly, we are just like you: people in search of good quality education to complement what is learnt through schooling. We seek out the very best of the best from those like us who love to tutor: experts in their fields and effective in their methods.

What are we about?

We are about first names, high fives and high results. We are about personalizing your experience to suit you, in your own home, in your own way. We are about transparency, so that you can put a name to a face and have faith that we are doing everything we can do to give you the edge you need over your studies.

To find out for yourself what we’re really made of, send us an email now, and we would be more than happy to help.

Best of luck with your studies,  

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Jacob Collier | Director