Executives get paid, while Principals pay for it

Posted by Absolute Value Tuition Team on 12 August 2014 | Comments

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Victoria's 'The Age' reports a serious mismatch of employee reward and budget allocation in an article today which outlines the millions which education executives are being paid, whilst redundancies and program cuts are rampant elsewhere. Most prominantly, cuts made to literacy and numeracy coaching within school programs does not seem to be put to good use, with millions of dollars more (as reported in government released data) to be used on overseas travel, meals and accommodation.

Whilst cuts can not always be uniform and some sacrifices have to be made, it seems to be poor reasoning when 600 job cuts across the Education department were made at the same time as performance bonuses of over $1 million across two years were paid to top ranking executives (from 2011 to 2012, and from 2012 to 2013). This mismatch of priorities was also voiced by Australian Education Union branch President Meredith Peace, stating that "Government priorities are clearly wrong" - particularly considering our time of severe budget pressures.

Furthermore, the Sydney Morning Herald reported on Sunday in an article on the practical experience of Education Department beurocrats in Victoria, that only 4 of the top ranking 55 senior department officials had any actual school based experience. It reports that this is the first time in 110 years of the departments' head office operation that staff were that short on applicable experience. In a time where experience must make up for program cuts within schools in order to provide direction to school leaders and curriculum ambassidors, it appears as if once again priorities at the top level have been mialigned to the need of the education system.

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