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Almost No Learning Curve

Posted by AVT Team on 5 September 2013 | Comments

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A number of technologies, particularly which aim to be compatible with a high volume of users, are marketing their services and products as “minimal learning curve” products. The same is true of online user experiences, where websites promise a two minute tour of the website, or a 30 second tutorial video. Our team at AVT are all about emerging user compatible technologies, using a number of software programs and online databases which self-generate reports and recognise typical user errors within half an hour of using the product. New mind-mapping technology that has been available on the global market for some time promises users almost an immediate understanding of the software and associated processes. It is true that being described as a near ‘zero learning curve’ product is a powerful and impressive claim, however it begs the question: is this developing the trend of user convenience, or is it removing our ability to design and create our own user experience?

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