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Where Testing Fits In

Posted by Absolute Value Tuition Team on 20 January 2014 | Comments

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In this last month, the time has come again for students to receive their highly anticipated final school results, illustrating the incredible national need for tutoring. This result, which takes the form of an OP, TER, ENTER or UAI is the first of many confusions and complications when it comes to aggregating the results of Australian students each year. The sluggish rollout of the national curriculum has resulted in a further layer of confusion, when many schools must now teach across two curriculums rather than just the one, depending on the availability of curricula in the school. When it gets to final exam time it is no surprise therefore that students are finding it tough, particularly when applying (more and more) to interstate Universities, to interpret this final exam mark (and in the case of University administration, allocate positions - raw data can be found here). Perhaps a great deal of this confusion suffered however, can be attributed to an increasing number of preparation exams and state assigned tests (as is the case most prominently in Queensland with the QCS) external to school finals, designed to average the overall performance of the cohort. This strict testing regime is now starting younger and younger, with end of term finals as part of the year 8 curriculum becoming commonplace in schools. The question is rapidly becoming: is there no place for rigorous testing in younger years, or is it never too early to become prepared?

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