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Here at AVT we want to bring dedicated and passionate tutors to each student requiring help in their respective subjects. Our aim is to match up a student with a tutor to develop a meaningful relationship that can facilitate academic and personal growth for the long term. As a result, we would love for our readers to meet the people/our fantastic team of tutors, who make this all possible.

Our featured tutor of this week is Cameron Sharp. We asked Cameron a few questions (see below) and he was kind enough to share the answers below. Cameron is a true asset to our database of amazing tutors and is testament to why we have such amazing results with our students Australia wide.


  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
  2. Why did you decide to become a tutor?
  3. What is a difficult concept you have tutored recently and how have you explained/overcome it?
  4. What are you doing right now with your life and what are you planning in the future (as brief as you would like)?
  5. Where do you see the future of private tuition going?
  6. Do you have any tuition tips or methods you live by which you have found helps your students?


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Hello, my name is Cameron Sharp. I grew up in the southwest town of Albany and attended Great Southern Grammar School for the majority of my schooling. When I graduated year 12 at age 17, I immediately moved to Perth. I am now 18 and currently studying in my second year of Mechanical Engineering at Curtin university. I grew up playing soccer, fishing down at the boat docks and playing music with friends at school, but since I moved to Perth most of my time is dedicated to university and eating food.

I decided to become a tutor shortly after I began studying. Since I was so busy and didn't have have large time slots available for regular work, the flexibility of being a tutor suited my lifestyle perfectly. Several one or two hour sessions each week was much more suited to my availabilities, as opposed to an 8 hour shift at another job.

One of my recent difficulties has been teaching topics on which I am not 100% confident in. Finding gaps in my own knowledge brings to light an common issue in modern education, many students often lack understanding in important areas which affected their future education and it is important that these issues are covered as early as possible.

Right now I am just trying to get through uni and maintain a good balance between work and my social life, it's like a full time job and occupies most of my time.

Ideally, I see private tuition as a service that works in conjunction with schools in that one to one or one to two sessions compliment the learning done in large classes. I believe that it is important to allow students receive individual, specialised help that teachers often can't provide to a large class.

My number one tip for tutors is to keep things interesting! No one likes learning when they are bored to death. Of course this differs for every student, depending on age and personality, but a good laugh or "How's it going?" Can go a long way to developing a good learning environment.
Thanks Cameron!
AVT Team