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Posted by AVT Team and Jack Pearson-Lemme on 1 June 2015 | Comments

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Our Featured Tutor from Absolute Value Tuition Perth is Jack Pearson-Lemme. Jack has tutored many students for us to the absolute highest quality for well over a year now, and is dedicated to ensuring each tuition session fits the needs of the student.

Jack answered some questions for us and wanted to share this with our students and parents so that everyone is as prepared as possible for this block of mid-year exams. Good luck everyone!


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AVT: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Jack: My name’s Jack and I am currently studying Accounting and French at the University of Western Australia. I have been a tutor for almost a year and a half now, and have never looked back once at the decision to join Absolute Value Tuition. I'm a keen music-lover, and a strong advocate of the idea that listening to music while studying helps enormously!

AVT: What do you find challenging about being a tutor, and what do you find comes naturally?

Jack: Because I was in their shoes only a couple of years ago, I can relate to what they’re going through, and you can see so many similarities of yourself through your students. I find conveying concepts and methods for working out problems comes quite naturally to me, partly due to the fact that I was completing these very same problems not too long ago. One of the most challenging aspects of tutoring is instilling motivation into students to put effort into their weaker subjects. However, with a few good marks and a lot of praise, this hurdle can be overcome in a relatively short period of time.

AVT: You have tutored students in Perth at Absolute Value Tuition for over a year now. Can you share any lessons learned from your students about the way you tutor?

Jack: I'm a very “old-school” learner. I like hard copy textbooks and lots of exercises to thoroughly learn the methods. However, with tutoring, my teaching method changes between students. Some students I solely focus on exam technique and preparation, which involves the use of many practise exams. Others, I teach the concepts they’re covering in class, and let them complete practise problems in their own time. The way I tutor is constantly evolving, and I learn new things after every session.

AVT: What do you see for the future of tutoring in Australia?

Jack: An interesting question - there are a whole heap of possibilities. Technology has a huge impact on education (my year 12 students all have hard copy textbooks, whereas my year 10 students all have online textbooks), and so I see the future of tutoring becoming what new technological advances allows it to become. I think online forums between tutors and students will allow the tutoring process to not be limited to one hour per week, but instead support contact between tutors and students 24/7.

AVT: Do you have any tips at all to share with students during this stressful exam period?

Jack: Common answers to these questions include “stop studying at 10pm, and get 9+ hours of sleep per night” and “do physical exercise between 50 minute study blocks”, and any current student knows that these things just aren't going to happen. Instead, look to maximise your study methods' efficiency. For subjects such as maths and sciences, look at sourcing as many practise exams as possible, because questions are repeated all the time, and the exam structures are always very similar. Don’t waste time on writing notes you won’t ever read, just because all your friends are “writing heaps of notes”.


Thanks so much Jack! Goodluck once again with this time of year everyone!

Happy studies,

AVT Team