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Posted by AVT Team and Paige Champion on 20 May 2015 | Comments

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Our Featured Tutor of late is Paige Champion from our Perth team, who is completing incredible work with a number of students around the Perth area. Paige's feedback and lesson direction makes student progress accelerate above and beyond what would normally be expected of weekly tuition sessions.

We were delighted that Paige had a second spare to answer some of our questions in between her busy tuition and study schedule. A huge thanks for her time here with the team - it is incredible to see her impact on students on a daily basis!


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AVT: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

PC: My name is Paige and I've been lucky enough to be a tutor for the past three years, although I've only recently joined the wonderful team at Absolute Value Tuition. This year I graduated from a double degree of Psychology and Gender Studies at the University of Western Australia and am now completing my honours in Communications. 


AVT: Why did you decide to become a tutor?

PC: I had a tutor to help me with mathematics in Year 12 and found that having someone close to my own age who had recently completed the same course work go over the problems with me and answer my questions gave me a huge amount of confidence. Once I graduated from high school I wanted to work with young people and children, and I felt that other students might benefit from me sharing the study strategies I had developed over the course of my education. Tutoring seemed like an option that ticked all the boxes and deciding to become a tutor has been one of the best choices I've made so far!

AVT: What is a difficult concept you have tutored recently and how have you explained/overcome it?

PC: A couple of my younger students have really struggled with spelling and vocabulary skills, especially with tasks their teachers have set them in preparation for the NAPLAN. Vocabulary is one of the harder skills to master because it requires regular practice in both reading and writing. I've found that spelling applications and games for iPads and smartphones are a great way to ensure that a child is passionate about improving their vocabulary. Getting them to play a game for ten minutes every night feels more like fun than homework to the child, and their spelling improves dramatically in a very short amount of time! 

AVT: What are you doing right now with your life and what are you planning in the future (as brief as you would like)?

PC: I'm currently completing my honours in Communications with my thesis discussing the exciting possibilities of the social media website Tumblr as a site for an ethic of care. In the future I hope to continue my work as a tutor and hopefully become a university lecturer. I'm very interested in the importance of care in society and education, and hope that my academic interests can continue to positively shape the way in which I tutor. 

AVT: Where do you see the future of private tuition going?

PC: With the Abbott government's current attitude towards education and assistance the ways in which I see it progressing realistically and the ways in which I wish it would may not be entirely compatible. I'd much rather be optimistic and talk about what I'd like to see happen. Ideally I would love for private tuition to expand and become a more commonly accessed resource for young people. I think that teachers, tutors and parents working together and utilising the wonderful technologies which are developing in the field of education will be able to make private tuition an invaluable help with children's confidence and grades. 

AVT: Do you have any tuition tips or methods you live by which you have found helps your students?

PC: I think that having a respectful, caring and communicative relationship between tutor and student is the most important aspect in making sure that a child benefits from tuition. I think that the relationship is unique and special, with a tutor sitting somewhere in the space between friend and teacher. I let all of my students know that we have particular objectives to achieve but that tutoring isn't school, and that I want them to look forward to me coming over and start to feel confident after our lessons. I really encourage their communication of their insecurities in education and which activities they enjoy, so that we can shape our lessons together to be both fun and rewarding. 


Thanks so much again for your time Paige! What a vivid display of quality and dedication towards everything that you do!

Happy Wednesday,

AVT Team