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Welcome to a New Member

Posted by Absolute Value Tuition Team on 5 July 2013 | Comments

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Jacob from Absolute Value Tuition spoke with Luke from 102.9 Hot Tomato on Wednesday regarding our upcoming participation in the 5.7km Challenge (Gold Coast Airport Marathon). Jacob spoke about the proceeds of the run going towards SPELD QLD and that a new team member to Absolute Value Tuition would be heading the event Tomorrow.

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Helping "Bridge the Gap"

Posted by Absolute Value Tuition Team on 20 June 2013 | Comments

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As an education provider dedicated to making a difference, we are always on the lookout for organisations with a similar mindset. This month at Absolute Value Tuition we are looking to donate to SPELD QLD (Specific Learning Disabilities Queensland), who deal primarily with conditions that inhibit learning and progress. The most commonly recognised specific learning disability is dyslexia, which affects approximately 10% of the Australian population to some degree, according to the Australian Dyslexia Association.

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School Calendar

Posted by AVT Team on 17 April 2013 | Comments

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One of the most important processes in planning out the school year is the inclusion of the school calendar in your planning. Not only for homework due dates, yet for planning longer term exam preparation in upper school, having the calendar in front of you can help tremendously.

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Welcome to Absolute Value Tuition

Posted by Jacob Collier on 19 January 2013 | Comments

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The Gold Coast is often branded as the city of 'living and learning' due to the high reputation of both public and private education institutions, the large intake of international students to reputable Universities, and the largest TAFE in Queensland.

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